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Fascinating, expressive colors and unlimited possibilities of creative design. Colorit® is a unique system of jewellery colors which is based on the technology of blue light-curing. Colorit® covers a wide field of applications including the individual work of a goldsmith, serial production of a range of jewellery as well as items for daily needs. The material is suitable for color design on metallic, ceramic, synthetic and organic surfaces. In addition to the high quality of the used raw materials, Colorit® offers a number of significant advantages superior to standard coloring materials.

The 6 most important advantages

• More resistant than enamel
Due to high adhesive stability, impact - and abrasion resistance, Colorit® tolerates even extreme strain.
• Safe and professional application
The application of Colorit® is simple; rapid and hazard-free; curing by means of irradiation with blue light.
• Cold processing - jewels stay cold
In contrast to enamel, no oven is needed (low investment costs). Consequently, Colorit® also can be used for jewels that are not heat-resistant. Setting of the gems can be made prior to processing.
• Individual color design and large variety of colors
All Colorit® colors can be mixed with each other. The result becomes visible at once. When working with enamel you can test the result of mixed colors only after baking the sample
• Material stays processable
A Colorit® surface can be grinded and polished without a problem. Any damage to the jewellery is easily repairable.
• Biocompatibility
Colorit ®is neither cytoxic nor does it irritates mucous membranes. For this reason Colorit ®is certified as being "biocompatible".