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Every impression an original

If high-precision impression used to inspect and measure surfaces are required, than our impression materials Technovit® 3040 and Provil novo silicons or the lightcuring materials of the Technovit® 22 series are the first choice!
With a reproduction definition <0.1 µm every impression is an original!
The precision impression is suitable for a broad range of applications in a variety of fields, such as:
  • Wear measurement
  • Ambulant metallography
  • Restoration impressions and mineralogy
  • Reconstruction in the event of damage
  • Forensic science investigations
  • Building and monument conservation
  • Scientific investigations
  • Process technology optimisation

Technovit® 3040

Indirect surface inspection


Provil novo

Surface impression silicone - easy to use and safe!


Technovit® 2200 Series

Light curing polymers for surface impressions